About the Artist

When I was a little boy I put my hand in a meat grinder and lost most of my left arm. That was the beginning of my life as an artist. From that moment on, my life as a child became one of suffering and isolation. I believe that is why you see the paintings that I have created today,  filled with so much solitude and emotion.

My subjects are usually emotionally charged themes brought about by my own life experiences. I find it therapeutic to be able to feel a certain way, and then transfer that raw emotion to the canvas. Most of my friends say that I wear my emotions on the canvas and I guess that is true. My loneliness and isolation during my childhood allow me to delve into the deepest realms of my emotions and release them at will onto the canvas. Most people find it easier to squelch these emotions, but I find it soothing to release my feelings through art.

My paintings are influenced by my love of architecture, graphic novels and the great masters. Painting gives me the freedom to delve deep within myself and connect with that side that most people try to keep repressed. I love to create images that move people emotionally and forces them to see that which does not exist, yet at the same time seems familiar.. When a person sees one of my paintings I want them to feel the pain or happiness that I transferred to the canvas. I want them to say, “I’ve been in that same emotional place. I want people to really feel the painting and I believe that I have been successful at capturing their mind and emotions in that respect.

The act of painting is a collection of my thoughts, energy and experiences. Painting allows me to focus on myself, listen to my inner voice and sort my feelings out. You can love my paintings or hate them, but if they move you then I have done that which I set out to do as an artist, I have touched you deep within your soul, and in the end, that is all that really matters.